Monday, November 26, 2012

Cast your mind back to 1986...

...and see if you remember this Gerry Anderson classic!

I grew up watching a whole plethora of children's television like this and it made my day to catch up on the latest shenanigans, from Terrorhawks to He-Man to Ghostbusters (the real).

Many people have asked me why I'm so much more like a guy than the girl I am, I think it's because the action in children's TV shows like these was more appealing than anything else that was aimed at girls at the time, like My Little Pony (still showing) and Care Bears. All far too lovey-dovey for me. I then learnt that I love to climb trees and ride horses bareback. Things that throw a thrill into your life & take you away from the daily humdrum.

I think as adults, we still need to take ourselves away from the daily grind & rekindle those things that excite us.

~Happy Monday~

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